My mind rapes me, my hands betray me
My soul has forgotten what it's like to be free
I'm suffocating inside my own lungs
I'm on my knees my head is hung

Sick of this time I've wasted lies I've tasted
and swallowed
Hollowed out and replaced
Emptied, corrupted, destroyed and defaced

Confined in a prisoner's cell
So long refusing to believe it's myself
My hell, my shelf, so long I've sat upon
So long I've felt useless, abused and spat upon

I'm afraid of the legs I'm standing on
Years already gone
Paths that I should never have crossed
and eyes that I wish couldn't see what I've lost

If you build your life like a house of cards,
it isn't long before everything falls apart
Wind is merciless and you are left alone
wondering if you should rebuild or restart

Jesus take a wrecking ball to every wall
let the foolish ways of man fall
Rebuild Your kingdom and rise again
Call Your people home, Oh faithful friend

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