Father and his Sun

Waterfalls flow faster than the breeze can evaporate
Crystal lagoons, lifeless reflection pools, dead eyes create
Infinite division, subtraction is to wasted space
As detach, leave a gash, dig a hole is to separate

Useless analogies paint a spot on mental picture
Unless individual imaginations differ
One man's brilliant son becomes another man's black hole
"...waste of space since his lazy ass was only five years old..."

Fathers have ideas- who their sons are supposed to be
But he never was athletic, he just wanted to read
Refusal to catch all but a full eight hours of sleep
Pushed his ol' pappy over the edge and into the deep

Drowning in painful memories of his upbringing
Hazy visions of himself reflect from his offspring
Fathers and their sons have always played for the same team
Even when they can't pass on, vicariously, their dreams 

Sometimes to understand one simply has to stand beside
Now father and son reflect the same roll of the tide
Seaing eye to eye they begin to walk on level sand
Now glowing bright as the radiant sun, they walk hand in hand

The circle of life doesn't need to be broken
But false expectations and words not spoken
"I'm proud of you, Son, for whoever you are
Don't be like me, go and reach for the stars."

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