Finding Peace

Words race across a page like water down a windowpane
Rain washes away what once represented life's bane
If it's all just a game, pick up the controller and press play
Liquid reflects rainbows off of what was once grey

Delve into a fantasy land
Physical mind moves digital hands
Transcend your allegorical canopy
Reach your renascent destiny

From your zenith survey the collateral
A strangled yelp echoes far below
Distracted by perceived ascension
I discarded myself like bread grows mold

Before my eyes were mysteries untold
The world was at my fingertips
The remaining pages of the story unfold
Illusive perception loosens its grip

I toss and tumble down miles of painted glass
Falling and calling to someone higher
I land in a pasture of withering grass
Restitution is my heart's desire

Strength I have none I am weak
I need someone to resuscitate me
It's no longer I who lives, instead
I'm made alive by the blood You shed

Selfish indignance marked the wide road
The narrow abandoned, "too great a load"
Now walking the path of the least of these,
in the greatest among us I find my peace.



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