False Hope

~A poem about the death of my mother~

Shoes on feet, meet and greet, wait and fate


Dry and I run a hide away from guests in Sunday bests

To room where I lie to try to pry the thoughts from my head

The ache like rakes

reminds of times of joy before I was torn from life.

Reprise, her eyes like skies

Memories erased, replaced by pain.

Death brought on the jabs and stabs and slashes cut through me by a knife of sadness

I try to forget.

Life wasn’t mangled- this curse was reversed!

A mascarade of hopeful euphoria washed over my darkened soul.

In dreams I saw me with you, no blue

Instead, a hue the opalescence of happiness

Of memories.

Glorious days lacking pain and sorrow

Days when the wait for tomorrow

only meant another day like today.

Another magnificent day overflowing with the ecstasy of fulfilled dreams.



In the dark recesses of my nostalgia I found false hope.

I buried myself in our past.

My will to live became the shadow of another.

Consciousness became a dream as memories consumed me.

Be careful what you wish for because I got exactly what I wanted-

“…another day like today…”

Today until forever that means confinement inside my memories…

it’s the only place she remains.


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