Abysmal to Radiant

A river of despairing tears flowed from her eyes
Her face wore a significance no freckle could disguise
She wished she could stop time and elude her fate
Absconsive euphoria was hers to create

But it was all an illusion.

In silence, she drowned her wounds in music
She painted over them, but neglected to banish them
and so they festered and boiled in her soul to the eerie sirens of deception

Paradox. Chiasmus. Life has purpose.
It cannot be fulfilled until discovered but cannot be discovered until fulfilled.

She was lost in a bitter sea of alienation
All she ever wanted was for someone to understand
To discover, fathom, and respond to her message in a bottle
An S.O.S. "Serendipity or Suicide?"
Her final shard of broken hope pleading for a miracle

People said they empathized only because they wanted to be her hero
The reason for her resurrection
Veritably they were self-centered shovels that dug her grave

"Stay or capitulate?" She asked herself although she already knew the answer
She wanted to thrive, not just survive
The weeds of "humanity" had strangled her faith
She had become a zombie, alive in flesh but dead in spirit

She was ready to stagger into the disappointed arms of the one who
anticipated her failure.

But the arms pivoted her, saying, "I'm not finished with you yet."
The arms lent her the strength to stand
to walk another step, to run another mile
The arms held her every step of the way, even when all she wanted to do was die.
And finally, the arms hold the light by which she sees
the life she would've missed had she given up.



3 thoughts on “Abysmal to Radiant

    1. Thank you for reading, and more importantly, thank you for existing, friend. ❤ I've found that words flow more smoothly when poured from a vase of memories. Words give wounds an exit; they staunch bleeding and begin the healing process.

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