Something To Believe In

The flushed cheeks of a girl are a glass house that exposes her candor and rarity

She starkly contrasts the majority of faceless silhouettes that surround her

Ignited by her kaleidoscope eyes, she emanates innocence, but it is no match for the overwhelming disclarity

She is extinguished and her eyes dim to the insipid dull of her counterparts

Viscous, the girl flows into whichever container she is poured

Iron drips from the face of her silhouette and smelts her into armor, turning transparent glass into statuesque, expressionless blackness, ever churning as her only defense against the insatiability of her environment

Never stagnant, she restlessly thrashes, scours the surface of her superficial metallic being, but abrasion reveals nothing

Iron absorbs glass, leaving no trace of verity, nothing to believe in, and no foothold by which to climb out of the despair the girl dug for herself

Close to solidifying a statue, her once iridescent confidence fades to a frightening dim

Her soul overlooks the freezing abyss of absolute zero

She collapses and plunges in, expecting to be suspended in eternal cold

Instead, warmth envelops her, and she begins to float

She closes her eyes and cranes her ear toward a still small voice that whispers into the chasm

“My child, I call you out of despair into my eternal light. The old has fallen away, behold you have been made new. Rescue the urchins alongside you in the ravines of darkness and evil. Do not waver, for My arms reach out through you, and you are not alone.”

The soothing coo of this ominous whisper melts the lies that shroud the girl’s form, and unclouds her eyes

Once she was trapped inside the repressive perspectives of her beholders, but now she is free to roam, and employed with the task of salvaging and reviving residual verity.



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