Unknowable Infinity

A masquerade

A masked man hands me the key to promenade

on the brink of infinity

Is it all that I hoped for? All that I dreamed? All that’s in store- is it all that it seems?

He leads me to the zenith of altitude, instructing me to leap

“The portal is the prelude, now you must sleep”

Rapid descension forces closed my eyes

Hallucinations materialize

Illusion floods my vision like a Tsunami

Acquisition my lips as consciousness comes upon me

The tide washes me onto shore

and I implore

the masked man to reveal his identity

He responds that he is a representative entity

of the imaginative world all around me

Buildings and trees, lakes and a sea

Like nothing I’ve ever seen and nowhere I’ve ever been

I arise from the sand

The man offers his hand

I seize the opportunity to lift the mask from his head

But with a swift appearance and disappearance of his sword-

Abruptly I’m dead.



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