The Story of Two Star-Crossed Lovers Destined to be Apart

Time is kind to the extraordinary seeds in an everyday garden beside an ordinary house. She cares for them, waters them with dew, and caresses them with melodious ticking lullabies. Most of the seeds are overcome by the harsh environment; not even time can heal their wounds. However, one holds onto the hope of sunlight and warmth come spring, and eventually blossoms into a vibrant sunflower. The sunflower falls deeply in love with time. She allows him to stretch and bloom toward the sun. They dance in the iridescence, constantly motivated by warmth to transform into something better.

Unfortunately, the constancy of time is its continuation. Summer melts into Autumn and then freezes into Winter. Time senses the fragile life of the sunflower nearing its end. Despite futile resistance, the sunflower wilts- like all living things- and time is once again betrayed by its own nature.


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