Reflective Dystopia

Downward I spiral into nothing; a darkness so abysmal my very existence threatens to cease. I descend for what seems like an eternity- long enough for me to ponder this fate. I have fallen for so long I have forgotten what it feels like to stand and to breathe. A whisper creeps into my consciousness, “it’s only a dream.” I freeze, suspended in recollection. Prying my eyes open, I snap back into reality. Rising from my slumber, I am astounded by the brilliance of the utopia before my bewildered gaze. In front of me stands a girl. Her eyes instantly catch my attention. Storms rage around her pupils, betraying her smile. Her glare pierces my soul, and immediately I look away, to survey my surroundings. A wall that spans as far as the east is from the west separates me from the girl. Behind her is the healthiest, most vibrant pasture which my eyes have ever had the pleasure to feast. I remember the dismal state of the nightmare from which I awoke, and am content to never glance down or behind me. The girl looks at me with a contagious longing that fills me with the desire to surmount this obstruction that disconnects us. My body is initially oblivious to the enormity of the task. However, many moons pass and diligent blows deteriorate into sporadic banging. Just as I begin to lose hope, cracks appear. I beat with renewed strength and within moments the wall shatters. Glass rains for miles. Suddenly, I am alone and shaded by a lifeless gray. Behind the wall is nothing. No trace of the utopia, or the girl I had fought so hard to reach. Defeated, I peer down at one of the glass fragments at my feet, and discover a dumbfounded face that stares back at me with familiar storm gray eyes.


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