Reduction Destruction

Too often beauty is ignored and worth is denied

I am a diamond ring in a dingy dollar store

Chubby butterfingers try me on for size

Cheap plastic jewelry just won’t cut it anymore

This heart beats inside my chest to the rhythm of a thousand feet

Women that feel chewed up and spit out like I’ve been

How many licks to the center of the eye candy lollipop?

Until I’m just the worthless stick discarded in the street?

It makes me sick when men say things like “smash, hit, bang”

when talking about a woman

because to me that means sex void of love

You with a capital ‘Y’ chromosome pull your trigger

over and over and over and over

You get what you want but throw away the hollow evidence

Using body bags would be too dignified

Your victims would first have to be recognized as human.

Like hard candy licked inside out

Like a piece of juiced fruit

You get your taste but what about the bruised peels that

pave your mushy path to satisfaction?

We were someone’s mothers, daughters, sisters, friends

Bloody bullet holes ooze red and black where our identities had been

Once every corpse rots under your feet you will sink

to the bottom of a sea of lifeless, forgotten faces

Recognition drown out by your feral panting

hurried motion

and the blood rushing through your ears

Now you hear nothing but the loneliest of silences-

the emptiness that comes from realizing you were wrong.

The reality of what you’ve done hits you but it’s too late

You’re knee deep ironically¬†in your self destruction

And just like no one was there to rescue your victims from you

There’s no one around to save you.


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