a sonnet for my savior

if  you're  good  at  something  never  do  it  for  free
death   was    the    price   he   paid   to   save    me
and  for  what?  so  i  could flounder around  aimlessly?
prison   door   stands   open   but  i  ignore  the   key
the  punishment  is  just- i  don't  deserve   liberation
the   same   is  true  of   every   tongue   and   nation
every   mistake  a   product   of   a   doomed   creation
we  did  this  to  ourselves; there's   no  justification
Jesus broke  our chains  yet we  choose to live  deceived
a vicious cycle of lies broken the moment we're  redeemed
believe  he  died  for you;  you don't  have to be  alone
all of this is possible because  God sits on  the  throne
live your life sanctified, don't let his death be in vain
and be thankful that you weren't the Lamb that was  slain

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