Lethargic in a nest of silent suffering

I long to curl into myself and disappear

But the demons in my mind

Creep closer, draw nearer

Exiled inside my existence I am suspended

Immobilized above demise below prosperity

A blurry reflection of myself in a mirror

My fragmented, imagined version of clarity

Slithering snake versus lionhearted lamb

Behind my eyes two forces strife

Cruel adversary versus dulcet liberator

The seed of evil versus the bread of life

Sin’s wages paid and darkness beaten

False security overcome; I’m redeemed

Sight to the spiritually blind is restored

Don’t be afraid, just believe.

Victorious, my savior lifts every burden and blur

Despite the weight of daily deception

Battles are momentary; Salvation is eternal

Don’t bury his sacrifice under perception

Creeping closer, drawing nearer to my heart

is the realization that I’m loved despite my flaws

Answer him when he knocks on your door

Do not ignore him when he calls

He says, “lay you life at my feet

My yoke is easy and my burdens light

Pick up your cross and follow me.”

Accept and receive spiritual sight.


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