Ode to Clean Currency

I’m half of who I wanted to be

The other half just doesn’t care

Sinking, trying to swim with one limb

Quickly, I run out of air

Floating viscous in my life’s pollution

The ghost train without its conductor

Drowned and derailed restitution

Two faced, half hearted, destiny’s rupture

A penny glimmers half buried in the sand

Next to the debris of vacant dreams

Half my surrender piles up on the land

The rest surrenders to the current downstream

Sudden tumult dislodges the coin

End over end it decides my fate

Chance befalls me, the passive option

Stay and float or capitulate?

No choice is a choice in itself

The penny tumbles over the cliff edge

Forcing me to save myself

But “I can’t” is the only thought in my head

Alliteration is the only time a downpour should dismal,

‘Cause that’s what sent me rushing over wind and waves torrential

Down the mountainside into the purest sparkling stream

Like a freshly washed penny, from now until forever I’ll gleam