flOaTinG wIthOuT rEasOn

You want to know what’s on my mind.

You want to know what’s on-

my mind?

the lights?

Don’t think twice.

Second guessing

Overthinking is my vice.

Soul without a light switch

Thoughts provoking mind’s itch

Mine circumnavigates itself-

looking for substance not displayed on a shelf.

Answers to questions that I haven’t asked

Finding the results of the present and the past:

A life plagued by reasons for firsts and for lasts

For kisses

For dances

Existence, persistence,

Resistance is futile.

There’s no reason to hide.

Throw away all your pride.

Years of rebellion wash away with the tide.

Mature and complete

Victory comes with defeat.

As long as you learn something.

So what’s on my mind?

My hair and your hat

You put it there to make me laugh.

Reason floats away on a breeze

and for once my restless soul is at ease.


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