War Against Will

Please help I don't know how to feel
I close my mind to what is real
Provoke my wounds, won't let them heal
I have bruised knees on which I kneel
What's left for me is the leper's fate
Isolation, exile, and disgrace
Disease consumes me, I am waste

I'm dead and buried
resurrected, carried
to a new place
a new life
a new face with new eyes that see the same cycle of lies
the same disgrace
the same bad disguise for the truth

The best lies have some truth to them
I am worthless but that's not the end
The same eyes look down and see a foreign body
a new creation
They're not one yet but just be patient

Body and spirit once again collide
and just like before they can't co-exist
They attack each other mist to fist
and I'm stuck in the middle of a clear divide
But this time spirit wins the fight
and my redemption is complete
My body and spirit unite
My life is saved by my will's defeat



"walk fearlessly into the house of mourning,
for grief is just love squaring up to its oldest enemy
and after all these mortal human years,
love is up to the challenge"

Your time came and you left
me missing you
gone too soon
I am a pearl without its clam
a wave without the sea
a beached whale on the sand
a chick free falling from a tree
I want someone to look up to
but I can't crane my neck that far
Which light peering at me from
the night sky is your star?
I would call but you don't have a phone anymore
I want to write but there's no mailbox
on Heaven's door
Can you see me?
Can you hear?
If you can, would you lend me an ear?
The photographs I have of you collect
dust, tears,  unanswered questions and regretful glances
I guess I didn't grow up fast enough and missed all my chances
to learn to fly
before my Momma Bird took to the sky

(a dream is just another itch you can’t scratch)

Arise, Dear, please take my hand
I know you miss me and I understand
I'm right here
Let's go to a place where tears are banned
together we can redeem the years

We can't turn back time but we can shake his hand
and get an inside scoop on all his dastardly plans
Partnered with perishing time always knows
Who stays today and tomorrow goes
What plants wither, what flowers grow
Time sees every course of man
When they run and when they'll stand
still, and when the deathbell tolls

There's a time for everything though you feel
I was stolen
I'm no longer suffering
There's no need for eyes swollen
There's nothing closer than death
I'm always with you
In your memories, in your breath
I'm whispering I love you
I must go know, time for no one bends
Free yourself of me before this dream en-

The String That Ties Us

By Beautiful Eulogy

Let’s suppose that a kite could come to life and develop its own personality.
 On the one hand, it would feel the exhilaration that comes from the surges of wind that direct it through the sky. On the other hand, it would almost immediately take notice of something annoying. The tugging of the string at its centre; a feeling of constraint; resistance. And soon the kite begins to think to itself, “If only I could detach, then I could really fly.”
To the kite you see, it seems that the string is limiting its full experience of freedom. But as any boy or girl who has ever flown a kite knows were that string to suddenly snap, the kite wouldn’t soar freely for very long. It would dart to and fro for a minute; maybe two; but very soon thereafter it would end up on the ground in a pile of broken sticks and torn paper never ever to fly again. Rather you see it is the taut line between the kite and the one holding it that enables the kite to fly. It allows all the principals of aerodynamics to come into place so that the kite might achieve its full purpose
Christian love performs the very same function as a kite string. You take away the stabilizing force of Christian love and every towering gift, every supernatural power, every sacrificial act, every musical performance; you name it friends; it will all, all end up on the ash heap of eternal insignificance without love.

You’ve been gone for so long

You used to be so strong

I can still feel your sweet breath on my face
I'm reaching out to you through the bars of a cage
I miss you
6 inches, 6,000 miles
I'm sorry
I can't stand by your side
I love you
like the roll of the tide
The more I try to pull you close
the further I push you away

Distance has made you lose your resolve
Until you realize you never had any at all
You begin to dissolve
You can't solve
a problem you
never knew
you had

The Butterfly

You speak to me though I don't hear a sound
Without you I am lost, but in you I am found
Your voice submerges me in the purest, living stream
You wash me clean and then I see you're more than you seem

Hearing your voice doesn't disturb the air around me
but opens my eyes and pierces my spirit profoundly
A gentleman, you invite me in but don't force me to stay
Your unconditional love makes me want to listen to what you say

You surround me with yourself and make a home in my heart
I crawl in your cocoon and the transformation starts
I wasn't dead- I was sleeping. It was better that way
I thought I could ignore the pain and darkness away

But now with open eyes I see that spring has arrived
Flowers in bloom, this bride has a groom, my heart is revived
Someday I'm going to burst forth and open my wings
and from that day on this butterfly's song will play eternally

State of the Union Challenge

Part I
Life is a paper money relay race
Hand to hand and face to face
Pass to past without a trace
Death is for those who finish first place
Meaning is to define is to exist
and sometimes to break down barriers with fists
to scale societal walls and check off lists
Promotion is just making sure butts get kissed

Society is a paper mache promenade
Using chemically altered tomatoes to make life's lemonade
without thinking of future debts to be paid
until all peripheral visions fade
A road paved with lies meets crooked and corrupted feet
Sprinting blindly down a dead end street
ignoring and adding to the havoc wreaked
expectations impossible for the next generation to meet

Part II
Real living isn't anything like that
No carefully laid plan or rhyme scheme can fill an empty stomach
or pay a bill
No promotion can compare to a child coming home safe from war
Monetary compensation is not a salve for the 
heartbreak of losing a loved-one

Something is to be said for a culture whose idea of a struggle is 
the line at Starbucks
A culture so over medicated, yet apathetic, 
they rely upon fabricated media to make them feel something
Something is to be said about a people so comfortably bored 
that contemplating suicide has become a favorite passtime

Don't get me wrong, I've contemplated suicide
It's not a joke
Sometimes the world turns upside down
The sea is the sky, the sky is the sea
I feel like I'm drowning mid-air
But it's all in my head and sometimes
I wonder what it would be like if monsters lived under my bed
and not in my head
and I could physically raise my fists
to fight them

I am my society, my culture
and I'm tired of riding the conveyor belt to meaningless existence
of never putting my hand to a plow
I'm tired of being tired
and afraid to speak out
Who would I- the first world- be without my wealth and privilege?
without movie screens and sports stadiums? 
without safety and security?
It's time to unmask our sterilized society, to find what lies beneath.
It's time to learn how to feel again. To struggle again.
It's time to learn how to live again.

Pocket Full of Posies

Alone is a lazy river to a raging sea
I never thought no one's arms around me
could feel so heavy
Loneliness has me grasping at cheap rhymes like poor pockets
A rosebud in a drought
all potential for love dried out
The rains come
The shriveled petals fall
Leaving a question:
If no one's there to see, was it ever there at all?



19 years of life experience produce nothing but exhausted graphite scribblings and a recipe for inedibly stale bread. Dough that’s already molded before it hits the oven. What do I have to say for myself? I’ve been free falling through life and pain and only noticed the noose once I’d reached the end of my rope. Time to Tarzan swing to the next one, I guess. It’s too bad I’m an airplane. I wasn’t designed to navigate a jungle of trees. What do I have to say to everyone else? Nothing. I’m just as lost as you are; trying to fit 7 billion cylinders into 7 billion different square holes. Nothing fits. I’ve been writing for 5 years now and all my notebooks have as much to say empty as they do full. Words are just bridges over endlessly troubled waters. My only wish is to help someone else more than I’ve helped me.


by Sarah Jaffe

50 states 50 lines 50 crying all the time’s

50 boys 50 lies 50 I’m gonna change my mind’s

I changed my mind

Now I’m feeling different

We were young, we didn’t care

Is it gone? Is it floating in the air?

I changed my mind

Now I’m feeling different

All that time wasted I wish I was a little more delicate

I wish my name was Clementine